65 year old man attacked by dogs in Ticul, Yucatán

The man was taken to a hospital in Oxkutzcab (Photo: De Peso)

TICUL, Yucatan (January 15, 2022).- Mario Caamal Xool, 65 years old, who suffers from mental problems, ended up in the hospital with serious injuries to various parts of his body due to the fact that 3 pitbull dogs attacked him on the streets of Ticul, Yucatan.

The attack occurred shortly after 6 in the morning on the corner of Calle 24 and 25, of the Yotholin community of Ticul.

Photo: De Peso

Residents of the area explained that the sixty-five-year-old man was walking on the street when suddenly the dogs attacked him and bit him in the legs and arms, from which he was bleeding profusely.

One of his neighbors tried to help Mario Caamal but could not due to how angry the dogs were and ran to ask people who were in the market for help. Apparently, he did not have a cell phone.

In the end, they managed to chase away the dogs, but Mario Caamal was “bathed in blood” and they called the Municipal Police.

Paramedics from the state police also arrived at the scene, who attended to the injured person.

The wounds were serious and part of the bone could even be seen in his right foot, so they took him to the Oxkutzcab hospital.

Photo: De Peso

Raúl Basulto López, director of the Municipal Police, and Enrique Sosa Medina, of Municipal Civil Protection, led an operation in which the dogs were caught and placed under the custody of the municipal police.

The owner of the dogs will have to respond to the affected party in this incident.

Source: SIPSE

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