Tapir at Animaya Zoo

The objective is to preserve the species, since the number of tapirs is decreasing. An agreement was signed with a sanctuary in Guatemala. 

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 08, 2021).- Yucatán will shortly be the headquarters of the First Sanctuary of Tapirs in all of Mexico , which aims to breed this unique mammal, develop its population in a controlled environment, and then return them to the wild.

This is achieved thanks to the agreement that the Mexican environmentalist Arturo Islas Allende signed with the most important tapir sanctuary in the world in Guatemala, which he made known through his social networks.

This was through a video published on his social networks on December 3, in which he explains that “today we signed the agreement with a sanctuary in Guatemala to begin choosing the pairs (of tapirs) that will travel to Mexico. We are very happy, congratulations to the Biologist Epigmenio Cruz for such an enormous work, I am happy to have been invited to this project to give him a voice ”.

Through the video titled “Yucatecans will save this mysterious creature”, and observe the environmentalist with a baby tapir that will soon be part of this First Sanctuary of tapirs in all of Mexico.

“Auto Safari Chapín de Guatemala” is the name of the Sanctuary of the neighboring country, from where Islas Allende explains the laudable and difficult work they do to preserve the species, since it is the only times that you can see a human being so up close to a baby tapir.

This work in Mexico takes on importance when taking into account that the number of tapirs is decreasing, and with the sanctuary in Yucatan we seek to breed more and more specimens that, as already mentioned, may later return to the wild.

Tapir researchers explain that a female tapir can begin to reproduce up to three years of age, and thereafter she could have a single young every two years.

Source: Sipse