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Approval of the Climate Change Law will help prevent this phenomenon that impacts worldwide

Mérida, Yucatan, (December 14, 2021).- The effects of climate change in Yucatan worsen year after year, which makes us think in which world the next generations will live, if at present are increasingly intense and of longer duration droughts, heat waves, water scarcity, fires, cold fronts, rising sea levels, floods, catastrophic hurricanes and declining biodiversity.

Climate Change Law in Yucatan

In Yucatan, actions and strategies against this phenomenon are a reality, because with the approval of the State Environmental Law, aligned with the General Climate Change Law of the Federation, the entity will be “shielded” taking advantage of its benefits to develop mitigation strategies and actions, said the head of the Sustainable Development Secretariat (SDS), Sayda Rodríguez Gómez.

She considered that this standard is the instrument that was missing, since the entity has many advantages, commitment and a reality different from others in the country, however, being a peninsula with 378 kilometers of coastal area and due to its type of soil, it has conditions of vulnerability to climate change, as are many other islands and similar regions.

“In Yucatán we have many opportunities to take action, to prevent the seriousness of the effects of climate change, which are the conservation of our natural areas, that is, the natural elements of protection against this phenomenon, such as our forest zone in the south, which is for the collection and retention of water, and the other is the coast, the protected natural areas, the mangrove swamps and coastal lagoons ”, she explained.

Defend Yucatán from climate change

She assured that the healthier the Yucatecan lagoon system is, the more possibilities it will have to defend the territory against natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms or rising sea levels.

Sayda Rodríguez indicated that, in addition to valuing the state’s natural resources, activities that are compatible with conservation and that generate economic benefits should also be generated.

“Yucatán is willing to generate alternatives that are known as nature-based solutions, but we need the support of international bodies that allow us to shore up the possibility of funding and financing some projects,” she said.

The head of the SDS stressed that with the approval of the State Environment Law, the actions that are already being developed in the entity can be monitored and maintained, in addition to the installation of the Citizen Council on Climate Change (Ciclima).

Source: Yucatan a la mano