Yucatan man charged with contempt for failure to pay family support since 2014

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In a single hearing, Tuffy MC was charged and linked to proceedings for the crime of breach of family assistance obligations for an amount greater than 144 thousand pesos. The man stopped paying alimony back in October 2014.

The second judge of control of Mérida, Elsy Villanueva Segura, granted the provisional freedom to this individual through an economic guarantee of 20 thousand pesos and the prohibition to leave the State.

The criminal case indicates that the accused and ACFV had a romantic relationship and from this extra-marital union, a son was born.

Derived from the fact that there was an omission on the part of the accused to comply with his duties as a food debtor, in March 2012 they jointly signed a mediation agreement before the State Center for Dispute Resolution of the Judicial Power of the State of Yucatán, in which as regards alimony.

The agreement was presented in the Third Family Court of Mérida and was subsequently admitted and approved by means of an agreement dated October 2012 by the judicial authority. However, due to the breach of the aforementioned sentence, the citizen ACFV found it necessary to file a complaint against the accused.

Source: SIPSE

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