Yucatán Judicial Branch strike ends after promise of salary increase

(Via: ReporterosHoy)

The President of the PJE agrees to negotiate the increase requested by the workers.

Mérida, Yucatán.- Unionized workers of the State Judicial Branch (PJE) ended the work stoppage initiated last week, after a promise to review the salary increase they requested.

The Single Union of Workers, Professionals, Administrative and Manual Workers of the Judicial Branch of the State of Yucatán (Sutpampjey) reached an agreement with the PJE, by means of which a seven percent salary increase for 1,200 unionized workers for the year 2022 will be analyzed, thus ending the strike that began on December 1.

The secretary-general of the union, Renán Marcelino Puc Chi, said that yesterday at noon the delegates and the Executive Committee of the group met with the presiding magistrate of the PJE, Ricardo Ávila Heredia, who promised to manage 12 million pesos to allocate to the salary increase requested by the workers. The budget of the Judicial Branch for 2022 is 22 million pesos (mdp).

Puc Chi recalled that 24 million pesos are required to increase the salary of 1,200 workers by seven percent and that Avila Heredia said that next year he will ask the Executive Branch for a budget increase to obtain the 12 million pesos needed to cover the increase.

In other words, the PJE does not plan to “tighten its belt” or make adjustments to meet the demand of the unionized workers, but will ask the State Government for the missing resources.

The union leader added that four agreements were reached: salary increase and benefits for 2022, re-categorization of the categories that require it, general working conditions, and mixed commission for health and safety at work.

However, he indicated that “due to the fact that the budget for next year, approved yesterday by the local Congress, has not been published in the Official Gazette of the State Government, which must be done no later than December 31 of this year, it was agreed to wait until it is published to continue with the salary negotiation”.

The resumption date was set for next January 10.

“Therefore, it was agreed to suspend the stoppages throughout the Judicial Branch, until the collective negotiation is carried out, and if no results are obtained, they will be resumed”, stated the interviewee.