Photo: (Yucatan al instante)

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, (December 21, 2021).- Thousands of higher-level students in Yucatán will be able to return to face-to-face classes in the month of January, as part of the strategy of a gradual return to the classroom.

In this regard, Mauricio Cámara Leal, head of the Secretariat for Research, Innovation and Higher Education (SIIES), confirmed that in the middle of next month the strategy so that students can present themselves to the facilities will be left in the hands of educational institutions, at giving the green light for this to happen under the established health schemes.

-As of January 17th, the capacity is already allowed at 100%. This means that each university is going to be responsible for how it is going to use that capacity to bring its students closer to the face-to-face scheme, without ruling out that many universities are going to continue with the virtual scheme – he explained.

He specified that a permanent working table was established with the public and private universities of Yucatán, in order for them to share their experiences around the teaching of classes, which allowed 60% of these to work in the face-to-face mode and 40%, virtual, without major setbacks.

He stressed that the institutions themselves will be responsible for ensuring the health of the 86,000 students enrolled at the higher level, many of whom have already received vaccines against Covid-19.

-Part of these are the protocols, the care, where all the universities have agreed. It will be a gradual return, to the extent that the same universities can contain and house students and teachers with the necessary security and the necessary protocols – he mentioned.

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