Yucatan continues to be green in the epidemiological traffic light

Photo: (Sipse)

Yucatan continues to green traffic light in the indicators before the pandemic by Covid-19

Mérida, Yucatan, (December 17, 2021).- After updating the indicators of the epidemiological semaphore of COVID-19 in the entity, staff of the health secretariat reported that the state is in green,

This is due to the decrease in cases in recent weeks, which averages around 16 daily cases and 1 death.

Staff from the state health secretariat explained that the percentage of occupancy of beds is 52.2 percent, it is decreasing and in yellow, while the percentage of intensive care Covid and non-Covid is 16.5 percent, it is in green and ascent

He added that the increase in hospital admissions compared to the previous week is on the rise and in red.

He also assured that the rate of contagiousness of the virus is in green color, is 0.85 percent and is decreasing, while the positivity of cases is 10.5 percent is in green color and decreasing.