Young man sets himself on fire in Merida’s Bosques del Poniente neighborhood

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, (December 18, 2021).- Annoyed because his girlfriend broke up with him, Ángel “N”, 24 years old, set himself on fire in front of a house in Merida’s Bosques del Poniente subdivision and had to be taken to the O’Horán Hospital due to the severity of the burns he suffered.

From this fact it was learned that everything happened last night, at the doors of a house in that part of Mérida. Ángel argued with his girlfriend Martha, and all because she already wanted to end the relationship.

Could not bear the rejection

When she told him that she was no longer going to continue with him, the young man set himself on fire, it was not reported exactly how, but when they saw the flames, residents of the area called the emergency services because the girl could not do anything as she was totally in shock.

Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers from the SSP arrived at the site.

The fire that engulfed the boy suffocating him, first aid was given, and with burns on almost the whole body, he was rushed to the O’Horán Hospital.

Source: Sipse

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