Xcaret group could pay up to 25 million pesos in fines regarding the Xibalba project

MÉRIDA, MX.- Work on the Xibalbá project continues and while the director of the Xcaret group, Miguel Quintana Pali, assures that the park will open soon, the Federal Attorney General’s Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa) is evaluating the amount of the fine that will be applied for not having the complete documentation for the change of land use at the time.

Jesús Lizárraga, in charge of Profepa in the state of Yucatán, explained that two months ago the works of this project were suspended, because after a visit they noticed that they did not have the proper documentation regarding the change of land use.

“We carried out the visit and at that time the closure was carried out because in terms of change of land use, they had authorization from the State Government, but the authorization from the Federal Government was missing and although it is an administrative fault, the safety measures must be complied with”, he indicated.

He explained that at the time the closure was carried out and due to the company’s commitment to comply with this requirement, the closure was lifted almost immediately.

However, he assured that the procedure to which the project has already been submitted is currently being analyzed, since the amount of the fine is being evaluated.

“It is a fact that a very considerable fine will be applied; although the amount is being evaluated, it could range from 500,000 pesos to 25 million pesos”, he stated.

In this sense, Jesús Lizárraga mentioned that in the next few months they will inform the amount that has been agreed upon.

It should be remembered that recently, during the Tianguis Turístico 2021, the director of the Xcaret Group said that the opening of Xibalbá Park is already scheduled for 2022.

Xibalbá is one of the projects that the Xcaret group has programmed to be developed in Yucatán and thus potentiate the same high purchasing power tourism that this group manages in Quintana Roo.