Workers of the Judicial Branch of Yucatán to go on strike demanding a wage increase

(Via: ReporterosHoy)

On December 1 the union began with partial stoppages, but when they had no response to their demand, they began a total strike.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- The Single Union of Workers, Professionals, Administrative and Manual Workers of the Judicial Branch of the State of Yucatán advanced the strike for today throughout the Judicial Branch to demand a salary increase of at least 7 percent for 1,200 workers, which for the second consecutive year is proposed to be “frozen”.

It should be recalled that on Wednesday, December 1, the union began with partial strikes and indicated that if an agreement was not reached with the Judicial Branch by Friday, December 10 at the latest, a total strike would be called.

Last night, the secretary general of the Workers’ Union, Renán Marcelino Puc Chi, declared that the decision to bring forward the total strike is due to the fact that yesterday the Budget, State and Municipal Patrimony Commission of the State Congress approved the ruling of the Yucatán Fiscal Package for 2022 without modifications to the budget of the Judicial Branch, and therefore no increase in the salary of the workers is considered.

He recalled that even last Friday, they requested in writing a meeting with the Budget Commission with the member deputies to explain to them the importance of the salary increase, and in this regard he regretted that legislators have not responded to the request.

“This Monday in an extraordinary session of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Branch Workers Union, it was determined that as of today there will be a total strike throughout the Judicial Branch, this implies that no activity will be carried out this Tuesday, and this situation will continue until we are attended and our petition for a salary increase for the Judicial Branch workers during the year 2022 is resolved,” the union leader pointed out.

Marcelino Puc added that all workers will remain at the doors of the courts both in Merida and in the interior of the state.

“This is a stoppage, not a strike; if the situation is not resolved this week, we are thinking of calling an assembly for this Saturday, December 11, to determine the strike call”.

He also made reference to the Yucatecan society by expressing his apologies for the effects they may have, “this is a fight we are doing for the citizens and for the justice they deserve”, concluded Puc Chi.