“We are going to win this lawsuit” – Ebrard to arms manufacturers in the U.S.

(CDMX – SRE) Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, predicted a judicial victory for our country in the case of the lawsuit filed against 11 arms manufacturing companies in the United States.

Ebrard emphasized that this is the first time a lawsuit has been admitted in a court of the United States. He also said Mexico is requesting in the appeal to stop the ease with which anyone can acquire so-called light weapons in that country, including those involved in organized crime.

That ease of access to weapons, that negligence of the industry that promotes weapons destined to illicit or criminal activities, is affecting us. That is why the lawsuit was filed in the United States. So what do we want to achieve? First, they are ordered to modify those practices because it generates violence in our country. Let’s think of all the weapons in the assaults, not only the Barretts against the security forces in the country but the assaults in the street.

“Some people say, well, they are light weapons, light in what sense? If you get shot with one of those weapons, they can kill you, light for whom? So, we are totally against weapons, against this availability, against this manufacturing of weapons that are aimed at young people, just for a business. We are going to win this lawsuit; what is more, the industry bet that the Court was not going to admit it, and it did,” Ebrard Casaubon stressed in the morning conference at the National Palace.

He added that the arguments made in the lawsuit have the approval and support of Mexicans and that of many Americans who have suffered the loss of their relatives in schools in their country. In addition to the fact that within the United Nations Organization (UN), different nations have also expressed their support for Mexico’s position on the issue.

The head of the SRE stated that if there is no modification to the negligent arms practices in the United States, it will be practically impossible to reduce violence and insecurity in Mexico because drug traffickers operating in national territory supply their firepower in those stores.

“The availability of weapons in Mexico, enormous, has as its primary origin, negligent practices and illicit trafficking of weapons from the United States in 70 percent, logical because there is a border of 3,000 kilometers.

If we do not reduce the availability of weapons, it is almost unthinkable, impossible to reduce violence, which has been demonstrated worldwide. The greater the availability of weapons, the greater the number of homicides and more violence, it is logical, more people with weapons”, warned the Chancellor.

Ebrard explained that by January 31, 2022, at the latest, Mexico will have to present its arguments of the arms manufacturers responsible for the violence in the country and, in turn, they will have to respond to the complaint filed by Mexico no later than February 28 of next year.

The Yucatan Times