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Trump Lost the Presidential Battle but Won the Immigration War

by Yucatan Times
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Let no one question the Biden administration’s commitment to recycling. With regard to immigrants and refugees, many of its policies are failed retreads that still carry the stench of its predecessor.

If former President Donald Trump craves vindication, that’ll do nicely. In a familiar pattern, Biden is doing the wrong thing because it’s easier. The wrong and easy thing is to bring back, as soon as Monday, the absurdly misnamed Migrant Protection Protocols—more commonly known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Trump pushed the policy, devised by Stephen Miller, to wash his hands of the refugee crisis on our southern border. The thinking was: Just let Mexico deal with it. No surprise there. Americans always look to Mexicans to do their dirty work.

So naturally Trump—whose Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach has been busted for hiring illegal immigrants—figured he could stick Mexico with the messy task of caring for the huddled masses who apply for refugee status in the United States as their cases work their way through the immigration courts.

Keep in mind that America’s whole system is rigged against asylum seekers. Typically, only one in four asylum applicants will get the golden ticket that lets them start a new life in the United States. The other three get one-way tickets back to the home countries from which they fled. No one is getting any free passes.

Why Biden Can’t Quit Trump’s Worst Immigration Policies

But what those who ask for the protective cloak of this much celebrated nation of immigrants should be afforded is—at minimum—some basic decency and common courtesy. Imagine you’re the one in a foreign country, and you’re rushing to a U.S. embassy with bad guys hot on your trail. And while your passports are verified, embassy personnel make you wait outside the building?!

Alas, as we have seen time and again, Trump is not big on decency or courtesy. And so, for the first time in U.S. history, a president essentially outsourced part of the asylum process. In 2019, Trump cut a deal with Mexico to basically take custody of thousands of migrants as they await the outcome of U.S. immigration proceedings. More than 60,000 of those migrants, who were at time mostly from Central America, wound up in unsafe and unsanitary encampments on the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border. There, according to human rights organizations, these people endured kidnappings, rape and torture. There are even allegations that some migrants were killed, presumably by other migrants.

Source: Yahoo News

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