Traditional ‘Burning of the Old Man’ will be prohibited this New Year’s Eve in Progreso

Traditional end of the year activity will be prohibited in the port. (Photo: Sipse)

Traditional end-of-year activity will be prohibited in the port

Progreso, Yucatan, (December 07, 2021).-The tradition of the “burning of the old man” in Progreso will not be in this municipality this holiday season. The Civil Protection Directorate reported that for safety reasons this traditional practice will not be allowed to take place, nor will the sale of fireworks or any type of explosives in street stalls.

The head of Civil Protection of Progreso, Aurelio Teodoro Medina Pérez, mentioned that the person who is caught selling these artifacts on the street will be consigned to the corresponding authorities.

Also, people who are seen burning any type of pyrotechnics in the street will receive a sanction. 

He explained that during these Christmas dates a surveillance operation will be carried out and will have the support of the Municipal Police.

No permission for the sale of pyrotechnics in Progreso

Finally, the director of Civil Protection added that in Progreso no establishment has a valid permit for the sale of pyrotechnics, so that in the event of an illegal sale, this would be a federal crime.

Source: Sipse

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