"Toto is super depressed," the veterinarians who treated him declared about his health. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Veterinary team detailed that the orangutan began with discomforts such as lack of appetite and abdominal pain

MEXICO CITY, (December 10, 2021).- Toto , the 29-year-old 11-month-old orangutan that lived at the Chapultepec Zoo , died last Wednesday after a couple of days he was sick.

The Secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City ( Sedema ) reported that on December 6 the veterinary medical team and Toto’s caregivers observed a decrease in his appetite , for which they began medical treatment to treat gastrointestinal disorders that he manifested.

The next day, Toto again presented a lack of appetite and abdominal pain, for which biological samples were obtained to perform diagnostic laboratory tests in order to monitor his state of health .

Toto began to consume his food and was kept under permanent observation and with medical treatment, but this Wednesday they noticed him “extremely depressed, lying on his platform” and despite efforts to revive him, he died.

The care and well-being of the orangutan sparked a discussion last April

Different animal defense groups demanded that the authorities transfer him to another habitat and provide attention because a photo circulated on social networks in which he was seen in poor condition .

The space he inhabited was recently remodeled. SEDEMA explained that Toto had access to three different spaces: a naturalistic hostel, a garden and a house preferred to use day.

Later, the capital deputies asked Sedema for a report on the health of Toto , who stayed at the Chapultepec zoo .

Toto’s story has always taken place in captivity and linked to the death of his brother, Jambi, in 2015. Since that year, the Great Ape Project proposed to the then government of the Federal District the possibility of transferring them to a sanctuary in Brazil , but could not be done.

Now the local government analyzes the causes of death. “With the support of various pathologists and specialists, throughout the day biological samples have been obtained to process in the laboratories in order to know in detail the cause of his death,” Sedema explained in a statement.

After his death, Mexico City no longer has any specimen of this species under care.

“When Toto was born it was necessary to artificially raise him ‘with a bottle’, since his mother did not produce milk to feed her young; therefore, during his first 7 years of life he was in direct contact with humans. His learning, the recognition of their environment and experiences resulted in what is known as an ‘ import ‘ with the human being and not with their own species, ” added the local agency.

Now, caregivers of Toto , veterinarians and staff at the Zoo of Chapultepec who lived with him for nearly 30 years , summoned to the capital to send through social networks Sedema , messages and pictures to remember and honor ” one of the most beloved people of the Chapultepec Zoo . “

Source: El Sol de Mexico