This weekend, the weather in Yucatán will continue to be hot

(Photo: Pixabay)

Cold fronts will continue to be absent on the Peninsula

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 10, 2021).- This Friday, December 10, the weather in Yucatán will continue to be hot as an anticyclonic circulation is maintained that generates the entry of warm and humid air to the region.

According to the meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma Solís, the warm wave will continue to affect a large part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

In Mérida, the clear sky will predominate with a cloudy sky in the mornings.

High temperatures

Temperatures will be hot to very hot during the day and mild to warm at night.

The maximum temperatures would be 32 to 37 degrees in Yucatan and in the Yucatecan capital the maximums would be around 32 to 35 degrees.

Cold fronts could return around Christmas Eve.

Source: Sipse