State Government Presents the 2040 Agenda for the transformation of Yucatán

(Photo: Yucatan State Government)

The initiative will be built in conjunction with the public, social and private sectors, said Avilés Lizama

Merida, Yucatan, (December 09, 2021).- The 2040 Agenda is a document that will be built based on the visions of the three branches of government and the needs of citizens. The objective of the initiative is to implement strategies that promote social well-being with a view to future generations.

The conditions of the pandemic and natural disasters last year have motivated the rethinking of objectives and strategies, which is why the 2040 Agenda is an initiative that will be built jointly between the public, social and private sectors.

“The Agenda will reflect the challenges, hopes, and goals that are sought to be achieved for the transformation of Yucatán,” stated Jorge Luis Avilés Lizama, head of the Technical Secretariat for Planning and Evaluation at the Siglo XXI convention center.

Although the document has a long-term focus, he said, its main characteristic is applicable to the present, since it contemplates an agenda for economic recovery. 

In addition, he added, this road map is intended to be built in February 2022 and visualizes five fundamental dimensions for sustainable development:

The Yucatan Hub with a Better Quality of Life for People, which will concentrate actions and programs aimed at reducing social and gender gaps, as well as fighting poverty and achieving greater inclusion.

It also includes the Prosperous and Competitive Yucatán Hub, which will include strategic projects to increase investments and trigger economic and sustainable growth.

In the same way, it will contain the Yucatan that Cares for the Planet Hub, which will incorporate strategies to reduce the effects of climate change, improve sustainable mobility and prevent risks in the face of contingencies and natural disasters.

Likewise, there will be the Yucatan without Corruption with Security and Peace Axis, which will consider projects and policies to increase legal certainty, increase security, and combat crime and corruption.

And finally, the Yucatán Unidos Hub based on Strategic Alliances will be actions, programs and projects agreed with powers, bodies, and sectors from various fields of competence. 

“Of course, we will develop mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the 2040 Agenda and with this, we will facilitate the presentation of results, accountability, and the consolidation of a results-based management model,” the official added.

During the following weeks, he said, participatory strategic planning exercises will be carried out in order to identify priority development areas, as well as agree on strategies and projects focused on people.

“For this reason, we plan to carry out thematic diagnoses, regional consultations, work tables, and specialized meetings. Soon we will visit the 106 municipalities to recover the needs and desires of the Yucatecan society, ” he said.

In his turn, Governor Mauricio Vila assured that this effort will recover the opinions of experts, sectors, and the entire society to guarantee that the changes sought and the transformation that he has orchestrated in the state continues its course with planning and the force of everybody.

For the above, the web page is made available where tools, forums, and regional consultations will be found in which all social actors who so wish may participate, reported Vila Dosal.