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Spectacular Christmas Comet will be visible in Yucatan

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The spectacular Comet Leonard will pass through Yucatán starting on Sunday, December 12

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 3, 2021).- A celestial phenomenon discovered on January 3, 2021, will crown the year and the celebrations of the Virgin, since the spectacular Comet Leonard will pass through Yucatán starting on Sunday, December 12 . 

The star baptized by some means as the “Christmas comet” was discovered in January when it was between Mars and Jupiter, and NASA scientists have already traced the orbit that it is following towards the Sun.

The phenomenon was discovered by the astronomer Gregory J. Leonard (who owes its name) at the Mount Lemmon Observatory, in Arizona, United States.

According to scientists, Leonard is in a closed orbit and was probably close to the Sun about 70,000 years ago.

Next Sunday, December 12, the object will pass less than 34.9 million kilometers from Earth, and on January 3, 2022, exactly one year after the discovery, it will pass less than 92 million km from the Sun.

It will be possible to see the comet a couple of hours before sunrise, heading east-northeast.

This is what Comet Leonard looked like last week, when a NASA team captured this photo. (Photo: NASA)

Where can Comet Leonard be seen?

Leonard can be seen with the naked eye almost everywhere in the world and in the case of America, the northern hemisphere will have a better perspective of its closest approach to the planet. 

That means that in countries of North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, where Yucatán is located , it can be seen to the east of the horizon.

When will Comet Leonard be seen?

It will be in mid-December, between the 12th and 14th, when it can be better appreciated, as it will be at its closest point to Earth.

On December 12, Leonard will be at his closest point to Earth’s trajectory, almost 35 million kilometers away.

Around that date, before dawn, Leonard will be seen by the naked eye almost anywhere in the world.

What time will Comet Leonard be seen?

The best time to see it from Yucatán will be at dawn on December 12, shortly before the sun rises. 

The recommendation is to look to the east, between 05:00 and 05:30 in the morning .

Clear sky conditions will allow for a dim view of the comet’s tail with the naked eye, but binoculars or binoculars can make it easier to locate and track.

Source: Sipse

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