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Right of reply (“Maduro’s dark operations in Mexico”) November 4, 2021

by Yucatan Times
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The Yucatan Times newspaper received from Mrs. PATRIZIA JOSÉ MUNDARAIN GUZMÁN a request for “right of reply” regarding the publication “Maduro’s dark operations in Mexico” dated November 4, 2021.

This is her statement, translated “verbatim.”

PATRIZIA JOSÉ MUNDARAIN GUZMÁN, a citizen of Venezuelan nationality, residing in Mexico, of legal age and in entire exercise of my civil and civil rights, the identity that I prove with a simple copy of my identification, which is attached hereto as Annex 1.

Indicating as a domicile to receive any notification concerning the present proceeding the address located at Lafontaine 51, Colonia Polanco Chapultepec, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Postal Code 11560, in Mexico City, as well as the email address rld@cle.mx; authorized to receive such notifications to CC. VALENTINA BENÍTEZ MARTÍNEZ, ORLANDO SÁNCHEZ PÉREZ, ENEVY ELIZALDE MORALES, PRISCILA RENEÉ MONGE KINCAID, ROSAURA LEÓN DOMÍNGUEZ, ANA BRAVO HERNÁIZ, TANYA HIMELFARB OROZCO, JESÚS CARLOS ESQUIVEL FERNÁNDEZ, NATALIA RIVERA DÍAZ and/or DANIELA CONSTANZA CARRASCO RUEDA, I respectfully submit the following:

Through this letter and based on the provisions of Articles 1, 2, Section III, 14, and 18 of the Regulatory Law of Article 6, first paragraph, of the Political Constitution of the Political Constitution of the Mexican United States, in the matter of the Right of Reply (hereinafter, the “Law”), I hereby communicate to you in a formal, respectful and timely manner, a statement regarding the resolution on the merits of the “request for reply” dated November 26, 2021, issued by Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad, Asociación Civil (hereinafter, “MCCI” or “MCCI”) hereinafter, “MCCI” or the “Independent Producer”).

In this regard, the following facts are narrated:
i. On November 3, 2021, MCCI published on its website the investigation entitled “La Otra Trama Oscura de las Redes de Maduro en México” (hereinafter referred to as the “Publication”), which can be consulted in the following link:

ii. On November 24, 2021, I notified MCCI, through its institutional email, of my request to exercise my right to my request to exercise my freedom of reply concerning the “Publication” in terms of Article 10 of the Publication in terms of Article 10 of the Law, which is enclosed as Attachment 2.

iii. Derived from the request submitted on November 26, 2021, Rafael Castellanos, in his capacity as the person in charge of receiving and resolving MCCI’s reply requests, notified me of the resolution on the merits of the reply request in the sense of voluntarily publishing the full content of the explanatory text on its website, which is attached as Annex 1.

iv. In compliance, on November 29, 2021, MCCI published on its website the clarifying text of the reply formulated in the same electronic address of the publication, which can be consulted in the following electronic link:

Likewise, the reply that can be consulted in the publication is digitalized.

Because the aforementioned publication was taken up by you through your media, either by reproducing and/or paraphrasing the article signed by reporter Verónica Ayala and published by MCCI, I kindly request that you publish the clarifying text of my reply in its entirety on your respective Internet portals, in terms of Article 18 of the Law.

I thank you for your timely attention to this letter.

Sincerely, Patrizia J. Mundarain Guzmán

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