Public consultation begins to build an underwater cemetery in Cancun

Coral reefs in deterioration process due to global warming Photo: El Expreso de Campeche

The company “Capillas Señoriales” seeks to replicate the concept called Eternal Reef in the municipality and in the Peninsula.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) began the public consultation process for the feasibility analysis of the underwater cemetery to be built in Puerto Juarez.

Capillas Señoriales is the company that seeks to place urns with ashes of the deceased on the seabed, as a kind of artificial reef, where fish and mollusks will be added.

“It consists of paying homage by placing a concrete structure on the seabed to create a site suitable to be colonized by different species of marine flora and fauna”

This concept, adapted to the Caribbean version, proposes to add a “pearl” of 18 cm in circumference made with a mixture of marine concrete and ashes. On the outside, a stainless steel plate of 8 cm in diameter is added with the data of the person to whom homage is being paid.

The approximate cost of the project, considering the payment of environmental studies, payment of rights, as well as the purchase, adaptation, and immersion process of the structures, is 1.7 million pesos.

The marine concrete is enhanced with additives to give the concrete greater strength and durability, giving it a useful life of up to 500 years.

It is expected that 1,800 Reef Ball type concrete structures will be installed, distributed in three rows of 600 structures each.