Ómicron variant is already in Mexico, there is at least one case confirmed

A petrol attendant stands next to a newspaper headline in Pretoria, South Africa, Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021. As the world grapples with the emergence of the new variant of COVID-19, scientists in South Africa — where omicron was first identified — are scrambling to combat its spread across the country. (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)

INDRE experts confirm the presence of the COVID-19 variant in the country

MEXICO, (December 03, 2021).- Specialists from the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE) confirmed the first case in Mexico of the variant of COVID-19 called Ómicron. The suspected case was detected in a person from South Africa, who had symptoms upon arrival in Mexican territory, it was indicated. 

INDRE began the process of genetic sequencing of the virus sample from this patient that tested positive for COVID-19, after a special PCR test gave positive to the Omicron variant, explained sources consulted by El Heraldo de México. 

“The sample has already tested positive by PCR and enters the sequencing process,” said the source consulted, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity. Diagnostic PCR tests allow us to know if the SARS-CoV-2 virus is present in the body. 


But there are some kits or reagents, such as those from the Mexican company Genes 2 Life, which also allow obtaining indicative or preliminary data regarding which variant of the coronavirus causes the infection. 

This type of PCR tests are used by Indre and by institutions that participate in epidemiological surveillance to select the samples of a variant of interest and thus pass them on to the genetic sequencing process. 

Unlike the aforementioned PCR test , genetic sequencing allows to know precisely the mutations of a SARS-CoV-2 sample. 

Ómicron was first identified in South Africa and last week it was classified as a variant of concern by the World Health OrganizationThe experts in the world continue with the investigations to know if it is more contagious than the original virus and also to determine whether or not it is more aggressive.

Source: El Heraldo de México