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Officers are honored in the commemoration of Police Day 2021 in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (December 23, 2021).- On the morning of this Wednesday, December 22, a ceremony was held to commemorate Police Day in Yucatan. During the event, the work of those who ensure security in the state was recognized; and they were given financial incentives. Similarly, the deceased agents were honored both in the line of duty and because of Covid-19.

“For reasons that we all know and that have brought us experiences that have strengthened us; but also painful, we had to suspend this type of event, but today we are resuming it, ” said Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda, head of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) at the Uxmal del Siglo XXI room.

The Police Day ceremony, he said, is of great dignity for all those who wear the uniform and insignia of the SSP with honor.

“By being here, each of you symbolizes the presence of our colleagues who are currently working throughout the state territory. My message is of appreciation and gratitude ”, he declared.

The official stressed that, even in the most critical months of the pandemic, when citizens were forced to stay at home and face-to-face activities were restricted, the police officers fulfilled their duty in their respective areas and even supported the health sector.

“I have no doubt that the citizens know very well what the work and dedication of the police means, so that the families of Yucatan live in peace; and the rule of law prevails. I am certain that people realize that there is a good police force in Yucatán, ”he said.

Yucatán’s security, added Saidén Ojeda, “is the result of the work of the police and of coordination with the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE); the army; The marine; the National Guard; the Attorney General of the Republic; and the municipal police ”.

When celebrating Police Day, he clarified, one cannot forget the great support that Yucatán receives from federal, state and municipal security institutions. To each of its members, Saidén Ojeda expressed his appreciation and recognition.

“And of course we celebrate Police Day with special gratitude to society, which is our reason for being as public servants and a fundamental pillar of security,” he added in the presence of dozens of SSP agents and their families.

The head of the agency assured that its elements are in a continuous training process. They have vehicles, weapons and tactical equipment both for police tasks and for medical emergencies and attention to accidents and rescues. 

“Our corporation is also modernizing in radio and telecommunications; in video surveillance and in general in technologies applied to security ”, he pointed out.

At the meeting, the Secretary of Security urged to honor the memory of those who have left their mark on the institution, since the families of two officers who lost their lives in the line of duty were present at the ceremony. To them, he extended a solidarity hug.

“Today they have transcended. I ask that together we keep alive his memory and that of all those who died this year ”, he said before the reproduction of a video to honor the public servants who died this and last year.

On Police Day, recognitions, commemorative plaques and economic incentives were also given to those who made a career in the SSP, with up to 45 years of service. 

Source: La jornada maya

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