No deaths from Covid-19 in Quintana Roo and Tahdziú municipalities for 21 months

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (December 08, 2021) .- 21 months after the appearance of Covid-19 in the State, only the municipalities of Quintana Roo and Tahdziú remain without cases of mortality caused by the pandemic, revealed the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY).

Likewise, in 44 municipalities there have been fewer than 10 deaths from Covid-19, some of which have been without modification for several months.

While the highest risk of mortality prevails in 12 municipalities, all of them with at least one percent of the total number of deaths registered from March 2020 to date.

Until today, there are 6,457 deceased, distributed in 104 municipalities, and of the total deceased, about 80 percent are concentrated in 13 cities or towns.

Of the total number of deaths from the new coronavirus, 3,559 were registered in Mérida, 55.1 percent; 268 in Valladolid, 4.15 percent; 175 in Kanasín, 2.71 percent; 152 in Umán, 2.35 percent, and 139 in Progreso, 2.15 percent.

Likewise, Ticul, follows him with 139 deceased, 2.15 percent; Tizimín, with 128 casualties, 1.98 percent; Motul, with 119 cases, 1.84 percent; Tekax, with 88 unfortunate events, 1.36 percent, and Hunucmá, with 85 cases, 1.32 percent.

Similarly, in the eleventh place is Izamal, with 78 deaths, 1.21 percent of the total registered in the State, as well as Oxkutzcab, with 66 deaths, 1.02 percent, and Maxcanú, with 65, one percent.

In these 13 municipalities, there is 78.38 percent of the accumulated burden of confirmed deaths to date, that is, four out of every five cases.

Even so far, they are the only 13 municipalities with a fatality rate greater than one percent.

Similarly, 97 percent of the deceased were from the entity.