(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Progreso, Yucatán, (December 27, 2021).- As one more attraction and at the direction of Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, new monumental letters were installed on the seashore on the international boardwalk of PROGRESO.

“These letters from PROGRESO are closer to the sea, an area with a very beautiful view, where Progreso residents and visitors will be able to capture their memories with spectacular photos” highlighted the mayor of Progreso.

It should be noted that it will be located at the entrance where the whale’s skeleton is located and will have 2 swings to offer tourism a new alternative to save new family memories and is one more reason to enjoy the afternoons and nights.

In that sense, Zacarías Curi mentioned that these letters were made by 20 Yucatecan artists and each letter weighs approximately 280 kg and measures 2.50 in height x width at a total proportion of 20 meters in length.

Nuevas letras instagrameables en Progreso – Sureste Informa
(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Manufactured with a 1 × 1 14 gauge metal structure and 3 × 3 PTR posts coated with epoxy primer, the front will be designed with artistic paint with airbrushing with aspects of the city, it will also have side lighting and LED reflectors of warm light and coated with clear resin for durability.

Each letter is covered on the sides with hardwood liana threads and rods, 300 pieces picked one by one and covered with marine varnish, and covered on the front and back with 1oz fiberglass cloths.

The municipal official indicated that the objective of this new space is to provide the locals with a new recreation site.

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

“I invite citizens to take advantage of these Christmas holidays, to get to know this new attraction and visit both boardwalks, which have a variety of activities for the whole family”

And he added, “Now your photos in these letters will have a beautiful view, where you can capture memories with the sunrises and sunsets that this beautiful Port gives us.”

Finally, Zacarías Curi thanked the Bepensa group and the Mexican Coca-Cola industry for the donation of the letters that had an investment of $ 470,000.00, likewise, and the Public Services workers for working in coordination with these private companies for the elaboration of this new attraction in the city.