New free recreation site for “Abuelitos” in Merida

Via: Sipse

“Centro Armonía” opens its doors next to Parque Recreativo del Oriente.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Free activities for Mérida’s senior citizens are offered at the new “Centro Integral para la Plenitud del Adulto Mayor “Armonía“, located in the Fraccionamiento del Parque, on the north side of the Recreational Park del Oriente.

Inaugurated on Monday, Dec. 13th, the new center seeks to benefit more than 500 seniors living in 30 nearby neighborhoods such as Brisas, Pacabtún, Portes Gil, Fidel Velázquez, Salvador Alvarado Oriente, Los Reyes, among others.

It should be noted that the population group of older adults in Yucatan increased by 47.1% in the decade 2010-2020.

Of the total number of elderly people, 52.8% are women (152,548) and 47.2% are men (136,487).

At the new site, there are health prevention services such as a therapeutic gymnasium, physical activation, and comprehensive assessment.

Occupational therapy is also offered, as well as memory and stimulation workshops, yoga, postural hygiene, and nutritional care.

There are also recreational activities, sports, artistic and social activities.

Mérida has 30 senior citizen clubs in neighborhoods, subdivisions, and police stations, There is also the Centro Integral para la Plenitud del Adulto Mayor “Renacer”, located in Juan Pablo II, which reopened last December 5, and which has 470 students, and for now, no new registrations are being made. Same as at the Centro de Atención al Adulto Mayor (CAAM), located in the Juan Pablo II subdivision.