Municipal Police reinforces surveillance in Downtown Merida for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Photo: Novedades Yucatan)

Mérida, Yucatan, (December 30, 2021).- In order to guarantee the safety of people who go to the historic center of the city to make their purchases for the new year celebration, the Mérida Municipal Police Directorate will implement a protection and road system on December 31.

The municipal corporation foresees a possible increase in the vehicular and pedestrian capacity in its area of ​​jurisdiction, for this reason, it will maintain a highway operation in the main streets to speed up vehicular traffic, additionally, the municipal agents will be alert on the sidewalks to take care of the pedestrian safety.

With the purchase of supplies for the New Year dinner, the Municipal Police will deploy an operation with agents on foot in the areas with the highest concentration of people such as the markets and banking areas, to prevent the commission of any crimes.

Likewise, given the increase in the number of tourists during these dates, surveillance will be reinforced at the urban and foreign bus terminals, tourist areas, and bus stops.

As part of the coordinated work between public security agencies, the Municipal Police will implement a joint operation with the Mexican Army, the National Guard, Municipal and State Civil Protection, and the Ministry of Public Security to verify the pyrotechnic sales positions, in order to verify that have the corresponding permit and comply with the established security measures, this will take place both in the center of the city, as well as in the periphery.

The units of the municipal corporation will make tours of the commercial areas, the residential area, and public spaces, such as parks, to provide assistance to those who require it and to ensure that illicit acts are not committed in those places.

Also, the municipal paramedic corps will be available at strategic points in the historic center to move, in emergency cases, in a timely and agile manner.

In the event that any citizen is the victim of a crime or requires police intervention, the Municipal Police of Mérida makes their emergency number 9999420060 available to citizens, as well as they can make their reports through 911.