Mérida heats up, with highs of almost 40 degrees

Highs could reach 35 degrees Celsius today in Merida.

Mérida, Yucatán.- An anticyclonic circulation that has remained over the Yucatan region is expected to provide us with hot and steamy afternoons.

However, the rains will continue due to a trough that will extend to the west of the Peninsula.

Rainfall will be in the form of showers in the north and northeast of Yucatán, as well as in the north, center and south of Quintana Roo, and less intense rains in the south of Campeche.

In Merida, clear skies would prevail, with no rain.

Maximum temperatures would be 30 to 35 degrees in Yucatán and Campeche, and around 35 in Quintana Roo. In addition, there will be a wind chill of about 38 degrees Celsius.

Highs in Merida would be 31 to 34 degrees, and 20 to 23 degrees in the central area of the Yucatan capital, and would drop a little more, from 19 to 22, in the outskirts.

Only in the early morning and at dawn will the weather remain cool.