Merida Fest will be carried out with limited capacity and hybrid format

(Photo: Robert Adams) Merida City Hall is festively decorated for the holidays.

Merida, Yucatan, (December 28, 2021).- The director of culture of the City of Mérida, Irving Berlin, revealed some details regarding the celebration of the Mérida Fest. The official said that this event will be attended by national, local, and international artists.

That is why, he asked citizens to anticipate getting their tickets, since there will be a very small capacity, in order to keep a healthy distance, but the most important events will be broadcast in streaming.

“It comes with controlled capacity, whether they are theaters or public spaces, the festival comes with an electronic ticket request, so that we know in advance that the capacity is full,” he said.

“We ask that people who do not have a ticket, please do not go, because they are not going to enter the control zone, and if they are going to stay outside, it is a risk to life and health,” he said.

The festival arrives on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of Mérida, and the program includes shows of all kinds, related to sports, art, and culture, so those who wish to attend the events should anticipate.

“We are very excited about the festival, but our mayor has asked us to be very responsible, and so we are also going to broadcast the most important events by online streaming,” he said.

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