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Merida cryptocurrency investor prosecuted for fraud

by Yucatan Times

Merida Yucatan; (December 31, 2021).- Accused of the crime of fraud, R.A.P.C., was linked to the process after evaluating the evidence presented by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) for events that occurred in 2019, where the accused claimed to be an investor of cryptocurrencies.

As the probable person responsible for the crime of fraud, for an amount of one million pesos, an order to link to criminal proceedings was issued against Roger Alberto P. Ch., When the Second Control Judge, Luis Armando Mendoza Casanova, resolved today, about his legal situation.

Luis Armando Mendoza Casanova. (Photo: Mexico Daily Post)

According to the investigation carried out by the specialists of the Prosecutor’s Office, the events began in May 2019, when the defendant said he owned the company Red Capital and convinced the victim to invest in cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing that it was a safe investment and that would receive the payment of interests throughout the months.

Source: Mexico Daily Post

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