Mauricio Vila presents the 2021 State Sports Award to Carlos Franco

Carlos Franco Cantón received the 2021 State Sports Award from Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal. (Photo: Sipse)

Coach Manuel Gui Sing Navarro, promoter of the Yucatan Weightlifting team, and Andrés Abizail Chi Cob were also recognized for promoting the sport in the state.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (Decemer 15, 2021).- For being not only the first Yucatecan but also the first Mexican from the southeast to obtain the Triple Crown of Open Water denomination, as a result of his huge dedication and discipline, the swimmer Carlos Franco Cantón received on December 14th, the State Sports Award 2021, from the hands of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

During the ceremony, held in the Hall of History of the Government Palace, Vila Dosal also granted this distinction, in the Coach category, to Manuel Gui Sing Navarro, a weightlifter, who for personal reasons could not attend, but in his representation was received by David Carrillo Baranda, president of the State Association of this discipline.

In the area of ​​promotion, protection, and dissemination of the practice of sports, it was Andrés Abizail Chi Cob, from Native and Traditional Games and Sports of Yucatan, who received this recognition from the president, for his extensive career and promotion of the game of ball.

Addressing his words, Vila Dosal affirmed that the local athletes are an example for the children and youth of the Yucatan, in addition, that, with their achievements, they make the inhabitants feel very proud for praising the name of their state, always with constant effort and dedication.

(Photo: Sipse)

For his part, the award-winning Carlos Franco Cantón highlighted the Governor as an unconditional ally of the athletes of Yucatán and affirmed that the distinction he received on this day renews and encourages his commitment to sports, and to continue putting the name of Yucatan very high

He also expressed that, for him, it is a great pride to be Yucatecan and the journey that made him worthy of this award is a dream that he managed to achieve, thanks to the sum of wills that made it congruent with embracing his desires.

Also present at the awards ceremony was the representative of the Superior Court of Justice of the State, José Jesús Rivera Patron; the mayors of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, and Valladolid, Alfredo Fernández Arceo, and the head of the Secretary of Education of the State Government (Segey), Liborio Vidal Aguilar.

Source: Sipse