Lucas de Gálvez market vendors hoping for a Christmas miracle

With the pandemic, their audience was cut down to half, due to the green epidemic light they expect up to 80,000 shoppers daily

Mérida, Yucatán.- The leader of the “Lucas de Gálvez” market, Felipe Estrella Baas, informed that after the economic and social opening that has been promoted, with the establishment of the green traffic light in the State, the flow of customers in the markets could increase significantly.

The interviewee pointed out that before the pandemic, up to 100,000 people used to pass through the market per day, a figure that dropped to 50,000 once the sanitary emergency began, which caused an important economic loss for the suppliers.

For this month of December, it is expected that the influx will increase up to 80%, that is, the presence of up to 80 thousand people per day in the supply center, generating a boost in the sale of traders who work there, especially once the payment of the Christmas bonus for workers moves forward.

“After payday (there would be an increase) because I understand that in the first fortnight they receive the first part (of the Christmas bonus) and they dedicate themselves to buy everything to prepare the Christmas dinner, we hope that we all do well,” he commented.

He also pointed out that prevention measures are being maintained in the premises, which, according to the vendors, will be applied, especially if the number of people coming to the site increases.

The Yucatan Times