Joaquin Roche, director of the Mérida City Council resigns

The former director of the Interior of the Mérida City Council, Joaquín Roche Chami. (Photo: Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, (December 17, 2021).- For personal reasons, Joaquín Roche Chami presented his resignation from his post as Director of the Interior of the Mérida City Council, which was accepted by Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

According to what was reported in a bulletin, the resignation was presented on Wednesday, December 15, and when it was accepted, it became effective immediately. Meanwhile, the Directorate of the Interior has a temporary manager.

They review new profiles

“The municipality is carrying out an analysis and assessment of different professional profiles, in order to present the proposal of the head of the administrative unit for approval by the Cabildo, where appropriate,” is detailed in the statement issued by the City Council.

Meanwhile, the proposal is determined, and in accordance with the administrative protocols of the municipality, the deputy director of the area, Ricardo Cebada Ricalde, has been appointed as head of the government office, in order to guarantee the attention and monitoring of the activities and policies of that unit.

Source: Sipse