In Yucatan, the consumption of crystal increases among the youth population

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The high consumption of “crystal” in Yucatán is a concern, especially in patients who attend the Youth Integration Centers

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 14, 2021).- “The high consumption of ” crystal ” in Yucatán is a big concern, especially in patients who attend the Youth Integration Centers (CIJ), since from closing last year with 20 percent of cases, it increased to 40.5 percent. One hundred during the first half of this year, that means it doubled“, informed its director, Víctor Roa Muñoz. 

On the contrary, he indicated, the consumption of marijuana in users decreased since it went from 85 percent that was registered in 2020 to 65 percent. 

More alcohol due to the pandemic

Regarding the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, he specified, they were maintained, although with a slight increase due to the emotional situation that was affected by the pandemic, given the level of stress, anxiety, and paranoia. 

“Nationally, there is talk that alcohol consumption has skyrocketed by 50 percent in general, so Yucatan is not the exception and we see that historically it is one of the main problems, the abuse of alcohol that exists in the state and we are not oblivious to this situation ”, he explained.

He assured that in such a situation it is necessary to continue betting on prevention, continue providing and expanding health services, which due to the pandemic have been carried out virtually and in person. 

No addiction treatments

In the same way, he continued, it is necessary to strengthen the treatments that are provided, since there are not enough resources, infrastructure, and personnel to deal with cases of dependence and addiction in addition to other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and violence that also it is a public health issue. 

“Yes, there are many pending issues to attend to. We are betting a lot on working with adolescents and young adults, especially in socio-emotional capacities and competencies, not only in face-to-face activities, many methodologies and programs have been developed aimed at this population at greatest risk ”, he asserted.

Source: Sipse