After the fresh Christmas days in Yucatan, a warm period is forecast to last until the year’s end.

(MERIDA Yucatan – Meteored) – The weather truce is over. After the Christmas gift of cold mornings and nights, typical of the winter period in Yucatán, forecasts for this weekend warn of a gradual return to warm weather.

According to Juan Antonio Palma Solís, coordinator of Meteored Mexico, high temperatures are expected to dominate again in the Peninsula, although cool mornings will always prevail.

In addition, he anticipates that the hot, sultry conditions will last through the end of the year and the dawn of the New Year.

According to the meteorologist, there will be partially cloudy skies in Yucatan, with little probability of rain and heat during the morning and afternoon, with temperatures between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius.

The Yucatan Times