Gunshots disturb peace in the middle of the night in Baca, Yucatan

Photo: (Reporteros hoy)

BACA, Yucatán, (December 3, 2021).- Families in the Yucatecan municipality of Baca, lived a night of anguish as they kept hearing gunshots and the sirens of police patrol cars around the area where the incident occurred.

Several residents posted on social networks that they heard gunshots around midnight, on Calle 19th between 14 and 16, downtown Baca.

Baca is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) northeast from Merida (INEGI)

Shortly after, other neighbors indicated that detonations were heard as well in the direction of El Cerrito.

Municipal Police agents carried out their surveillance rounds in the streets where the shots were heard. Internet users asked the families not to leave their homes.

In the end, the Municipal Police clarified that they did not receive any reports of shots and only went to verify the area because officials saw the publications on Facebook.

However, the authorities indicated that they will be watching this sector of town.

It is worth mentioning that this situation is totally unusual for Baca, which is known as a peaceful town where this kind of activity is non-existent.