German tourists cries while eating tacos in Mexico for the first time; the reaction goes viral.

Tacos for the first time - by @alevaca11 on TikTok

The video reaction of a young German eating “tacos” for the first time, went viral on social networks .

(Mexico – TYT) – No one can ever have enough of tacos, specially if they are good tacos. Tacos are one of the country’s most typical, iconic and representative dishes at the international level. Therefore, it is one of the most requested dishes by tourists who come to Mexico.

In this case, Ale Vaca, (TikTok account @alevaca11) originally from Guadalajara, posted a video of her boyfriend eating tacos for the first time. With tear in his eyes, the young German says “it is the best food I’ve ever had in my life.”


Tacos are life 🥰 #tacos #streettacos #mexico

♬ original sound – Ale Vaca

The video immediately went viral on TikTok and generated all kinds of comments about how delicious Mexican food is.

So far, this video has more than 150 thousand reactions, and the comments exceed the three thousand.

The Yucatan Times