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Four Yucatecan experiences enrich the “I Love Mexico” guide

by Yucatan Times
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Yucatán is a state rich in diversity of natural, cultural, and heritage attractions.  Impressive cenotes and 378 km of beautiful beaches, a wide and varied fauna; archaeological zones of world relevance such as Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, a cultural mosaic where the living culture of the Maya stands out; vast and exquisite gastronomy, colonial cities, magical towns, culture and much more. It connects directly with some of the main airports in the country and internationally with the cities of Houston, Oakland, and San Francisco. 

Mérida, Yucatán, (December 11, 2021).- Last Wednesday, December 8, the first multimedia biocultural tourism guide in Mexico was released, in which four experiences offered in Yucatan were considered for their originality and care for their roots, as well as for being generators of sustainable tourism.

“We know that Yucatán is an endless destination and is one of our best manifestations about what biocultural tourism means, with what they have achieved and offers, we are sure that they are and will be the protagonists of this new era of tourism in Mexico,” highlighted Alonso Vera, better known as “Pata de Perro”, a prominent opinion leader in tourism, expert traveler, producer, and driver, among many other hobbies, who had the initiative to generate this guide, after three years of research, where he visited the 32 states of the Republic and documented nearly 500 life experiences, creating photographic and audiovisual editorial content, based on the voice of local hosts.

About these Yucatecan experiences that enrich and complement this first guide, Pata de Perro commented, “We wanted to highlight four Yucatecan experiences, which we think have all the components to boast about what makes Mexico a destination worth visiting.” .

(Photo: Archive)

Specifically, in Izamal, the first Magic Town in Mexico, which has a history and an incomparable beauty, with wonderful gastronomy and infrastructure and private investment that highlights its benefits, it was integrated into the category of “Magic Hands of the masters of popular art ”, Two of which have workshops open to the public, the teacher Gabriel Pérez Casanova, woodcarver and Maestro Esteban Abán Montejo, who works with henequen thorn and Cocoyol, with the name  Visiting workshops and walking between yellow walls.

(Photo: Sipse)

Maní, one of the four Magical Towns of Yucatán, who recently obtained the appointment as Best Tourism Village by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), for its good tourism practices, being its cultural and heritage preservation a world example of sustainability, It is also part of the outstanding experiences of this guide in the category: “Trips that mark the future”.

Hacienda Sac Chich. (PHOTO: haciendasacchich.com)

In the same category,  Spend the night on a hacienda to benefit the community. The haciendas as extraordinary heritage derived from a very emblematic time for the Peninsula, the effort that has implied restoring and conditioning them as luxury hotels – which present luxury to us in a very different way, as something authentic, which directly impacts the communities and that when we stay and consume products associated with these haciendas in some way we vindicate what they were at one time and giving them a new light for the rescue of herbalism, popular art and the dignity of the work that young people do in serving the most high-quality standards that seek other types of alternatives and the Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima and the Puuc Route are an example of this.

Cenote Subinteh in Homún, Yucatán (Photo: Wanderlum.com)

The fourth experience, within the category “Priceless experiences,” highlights  Diving in a cenote with Archaeologist Guillermo de Anda, through the cenotes, which are the gateway to the Mayan worldview but also to the water reserves that overlook life to the wonderful ecosystems of the Peninsula, – try to draw attention to the importance of knowing how to appreciate them for what they are, as sacred sites that must be visited, because tourism facilitates conservation through economic spillover and also raise awareness of the treasures that they protect, there is a whole archaeological and paleontological world that we did not even imagine – concluded Alonso Vera, ‘Pata de Perro’.

For more information about the experiences of Yucatan that are part of this wonderful guide, you can enter the following link  https://amomexico.travel/estado/yucatan/

The AMO México Guide. A Country in 100 Experiences, is composed of a printed version with reviews and practical data, as well as the digital platform amomexico.travel, accompanied by a grid of social networks that will facilitate research and the purchase-sale of the best experiences, thematic routes, products and tourist destinations for each season of the year, as well as for each type of plan, whether as a family, as a couple or with friends.

The AmoMéxico Collective is made up of prominent Mexican journalists and opinion leaders, such as Gabriela Warkentin, Claudio Flores, Omar Estrada, and Juan Caraza, who, together with Alonso Vera, chose 100 of the experiences collected taking authenticity, originality as criteria, value for money, social and environmental responsibility, as well as safety.

Alonso Vera has been around Mexico and the world on several occasions, living and producing in more than 100 countries for almost 20 years. His job is to travel and make tourism a tool for social development and environmental protection. He is the author of the book  Viajar para Vivir,  published by Grijalbo of Penguin Random House. Graduated in Communication from the UIA with honors and specialized in scientific research, his communication strategies and promotional campaigns have been awarded internationally.

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