Desilting and dredging works in progress in the port of El Cuyo, Yucatán

Photo: (Sipse)

The objective is that the fishermen’s boats can access more easily and safely

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 23, 2021).- As a result of the negotiations made by the Yucatan Government before federal authorities, the work of desoling and dredging of the shelter port of El Cuyo, community of the municipality of Tizimín, began yesterday in order to allow the vessels to of fishermen can access more easily and safely.

On the instructions of the Governor, they started these tasks, which are also carried out in two other fishing ports in the state; In the case of El Cuyo, it was reported that, as scheduled, the de-silting works will be carried out first, to allow the access of the vessels to the dock, and in the coming days, they will be complemented with the dredge.

It was reported that all actions at this point of the coast, as well as in Chuburná Puerto and Celestún, are developed in coordination with the Secretary of the Navy (Semar), in order to promote the maintenance of these coastal areas and in support of the sector.

Such is the case of Mauricio Medina Sánchez, a fisherman from El Cuyo, who positively described the beginning of these maintenance tasks in the access to the harbor, necessary to protect the vessels of those who go to sea to earn their sustenance daily.

With more than 50 years of experience, he stressed that this strategy represents a very important preventive support for fishermen, because when the level of the access channel is very high, the engines of the boats are damaged and their repair can imply a very high cost for them, between 20 thousand and 40 thousand pesos

This happens because the impeller can pull mud that gets into the pistons and directly into the engine, causing the engine to break, so these jobs are necessary to avoid further damage. 

For this reason, the State Government has arranged that the dredging also be carried out in Chuburná Puerto and Celestún. Prior to the arrival of the machine for this purpose, in each of the 3 ports, the access channels of their corresponding docks are cleared, so that the fishermen can protect their boats safely. A second team was appointed to implement a similar method at the second site, where excavators allow a temporary track to be widened and deepened.

With the support of the Highway Infrastructure Institute (Incay), the excavators were moved from Celestún to El Cuyo, to open a provisional channel, while the dredging machine travels by sea to this port, in the east, all in coordination with Semar and , on the part of the state government, the Secretaries of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sepasy) and Sustainable Development (SDS), as well as the Institute for the Construction and Conservation of Public Works (Inccopy).

It was detailed that, thanks to the heavy machinery provided by Semar, it was possible to materialize these initiatives, with the aim of giving more depth and breadth to the entrance way to the harbor of shelter; Later, with a dredge from the same unit, work will be done on the draft to allow access to larger vessels, which cannot access through this point.

Source: Sipse

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