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December pyrotechnics, martyrdom for dogs and cats in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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The detonation of these explosives can generate high levels of anxiety, warns a veterinarian

Merida, Yucatan, (December 14, 2021).- As the holidays approach, it is increasingly common to hear the explosion of “firecrackers”, “petards”, and other variants of pyrotechnics in Yucatán. This entertainment usually generates collateral damage, especially in domestic fauna.

If the appropriate measures are not taken, these dates may represent a “martyrdom” for dogs and cats, not only domestic but also for feral cats, warned the zootechnical veterinarian (MVZ) Gabriel Pérez Barragán. 

The detonation of these explosives, he pointed out, can generate high levels of anxiety and alterations in the behavior of these companion animals. The sensitivity of their ears, up to 100 times greater than that of a human, makes them more prone to these stimuli. 

Tremors, rapid breathing, excessive salivation, rapid heartbeat, or disconsolate crying are some of the most common reactions and consequences, although they can also scratch doors, hurting nails and feet, he added. 

The situation worsens, he added, when it comes to animals that have been diagnosed with previous pathologies such as heart disease or seizures. In these cases, the “Bombitas” seriously endanger your life.

“It causes them a lot of stress and fear, to the degree that they can injure themselves. Another risk is that they can run away from home and get lost when disoriented. There are many dogs and cats that get lost on this times, ” he lamented.

The MVZ graduated from the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY) commented that it is difficult to have the exact figure relative to how many animals are lost due to the holiday fireworks, but he calculated that they could average up to five a day.

Faced with its imminent detonation, Pérez Barragán advised pet owners to keep them in a single closed room and play music to mitigate the noise. Also, keep your favorite toys and some snacks on hand.

He also urged people to avoid tying up their dogs, as detonations and nerves could lead to hanging, as has happened in previous years. 

Another option is to medicate the animal. There are a large number of sedatives that could be used to lessen the impact. However, he clarified, these are for veterinary use only, so it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Finally, Gabriel Pérez invites people to be more aware of the effects caused by the “bombitas”. 

“Not only do they affect animals, they can also cause injury to people and the environment. There are other ways to have fun without affecting third parties ”, he concluded.

Source: La jornada maya

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