College of Psychologists make an urgent call to attend the mental health crisis in Yucatán

Specialists in mental health claim that the symptoms associated with depression have an incidence on the number of suicide cases.

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, (December 20, 2021).- The main problems of mental health problems in Yucatán are depression, suicide, addictions, family violence, and violence against minors, so the president of the Yucatán State College of Psychologists (CPEY), Patricia Gilí López stressed that they will work in coordination with the authorities to respond and help the population to face these situations. 

Upon assuming his second term at the helm of this organization and also leading the celebrations of the 32nd anniversary of CPEY, she called on his members to continue with the update plans to continue on the help line to people who need his support. 

Call to authorities

In an interview, she commented that one of the calls made by the CPEY is also to the authorities, to work together with psychologists in prevention programs aimed mainly at young people. 

“The call to the authorities is that they continue to strengthen ties of collaboration with the union and with the College of Psychologists, which we must continue to support each other together to sensitize and prevent the Yucatecan population about mental health problems,” she explained.

It seeks, she continued, to give tools to citizens and mainly to young people, so that they know emotions, what they are for and how they are controlled, that can help a lot in the prevention of psychological problems that impact the entity. 

Talks with young people

In the ceremony in which she protested as CPEY leader, Gilí López explained that for next year one of the projects that the organization she heads will work on is to continue with the work in favor of young people, with the emotional control program for students.

Source: Sipse