Photo: (Yuctaan a la mano)

The Yucatan State Human Rights Commission (Codhey) will seek that all State councils establish mechanisms for the protection of their inhabitants’ human rights.

Mérida, Yucatán, (December 13, 2021).- In this regard, the president of Codhey, Miguel Oscar Sabido Santana, reported that it is promoted that in each demarcation there is an entity that meets this objective, as well as a regulation that allows municipal regulation for the protection of citizen guarantees.

“The generation of a municipal human rights regulation, that each municipality has regulations and a human rights unit. Merida already has both, through these agreements, also Izamal, Valladolid, Tekax and other munnicipalities already have their regulations and human rights units ”, he explained.

He said that through this municipal policy it is intended that the authorities deal with human rights issues in the municipalities, in addition to addressing them and, above all, avoiding violations of guarantees in the community.

He recalled that Codhey said that it has signed agreements with 50 municipalities, to attend to this and other sections on the matter, a figure that will increase at the end of this year, although it is intended to reach 106 municipalities in terms of attention to human rights.

The ombudsman said that in addition to the collaboration agreements with the municipal authorities, constant reviews are carried out at their facilities, in order to reinforce the culture of individual respect.

“The supervision we do to public prisons, to municipal health centers. I believe that all this work must, hopefully, bear fruit to prevent human rights violations from continuing or, at least, be reduced so that there is greater respect for citizens, ” he said.

Source: Yucatan Ahora