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Lows of up to 8 degrees are expected in some areas of Yucatan.

(MERIDA Yucatan – CONAGUA) – Starting early Friday morning, cool to cold temperatures are expected, in the state of Yucatant, with temperatures as low as 8 degrees in some areas. 

Starting today, Friday, December 24, the weather in Yucatan will be cool. At night, during Christmas Eve dinner temperatures will drop due to the remnants of cold front 14. Starting early Friday morning, expect a cool dawn with clear skies and partly cloudy skies.

Heladez at dawn
The lowest temperatures will be behind the sierrita de Ticul and southern cone, with ranges of 7 to 10 degrees, while in the former henequen zone and the central and southern cenotes belt, there will be 8 to 11 degrees. In Merida and the central, northeastern, southwestern, and eastern zones of the territory, there will be minimum temperatures of 13 to 15 degrees. On the coast, temperatures will be 17 to 19 degrees.

On Friday, December 24, winds will change direction towards the southeast throughout the day, favoring an increase in maximum temperature values.

High temperatures expected in the early afternoon of Friday, December 24, will be between 27 to 29 degrees Celsius for Yucatan and Merida between 29 to 32 degrees Celsius.

At night, they will be cool again, and at dawn on Saturday, December 25, temperatures will continue to be cool to cold.

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