(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

With great joy and fun, the “Christmas Festival 2021” was experienced with the participation of the students from the Casa de la Cultura workshops.

Umán, Yucatán, (December 21, 2021).- Citizens enjoyed the realization of this great event that allowed them to bring joy, smiles, but above all family coexistence, in addition to having the opportunity to consume products and enjoy the talent that is characteristic of our municipality.

The Municipal President of Umán, Gaspar a Ventura Cisneros Polanco, pointed out that the Christmas Festival 2021, is a benchmark in the state, such as the Entrepreneurs Expo that brings the talent and initiative of the people of Umán hand in hand for its promotion.

He also pointed out that as part of the activities of the Winter Festival, Read, Undertake, Learn and Have Fun, the 1st Municipal Book Fair “FEMULI” was held, which offered various recreational activities in order to bring reading closer to citizens.

Attendees were able to enjoy Christmas songs and dances for more than two hours, with colorful costumes that spread the happiness of Christmas.

The event was also attended by Lic. Bella Margarita Poot Chab, Municipal Trustee, councilors C. Alma Pech Canché, C. Juan Adonay Poot Uitz, C. Dalia Euan Ciau, C. Herminio Mena Euan, Francisco Uc Estrella, Genny Uc Castillo and Yajaira Manzanero Mendoza, as well as Psic. Elmy Montero Director of Education and Culture, Lic Jesús Solis, Head of Culture, Mtro. Jorge Valencia, Head of Education, Accountant Gladys Ordoñez, Entrepreneur Orientation Coordinator and C. Eduardo Tello, local artist.