Chef shot in Downtown Mérida had just opened his business in San Sebastián

(Photo: Juan Pablo's social networks)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 28, 2021).- It has transpired that sadly this morning, Juan Pablo GL, who lived on the road to San Sebastián de Mérida, was shot down by the alleged murderer Alberto HR, alias “El Gringo” (the man is not actually a “Gringo”, it is just a nickname).

42-year-old Juan Pablo left his wife Reyna K. a widow, and their two children, a girl, and a boy, ages 6 and 8, respectively, without a father.

On his social media page, it was reflected that his trade was a chef and that he had just recently opened a taco business in downtown Merida’s San Sebastián neighborhood.  

(Photo: Juan Pablo’s social networks)

Also, it can be seen in the images he shared that he was a dedicated family man, due to the multiple photos in which he is happy in the company of his children and wife.

Unfortunately, on December 20, Juan Pablo was injured after an argument on Calle 68, between 71 and 73, Centro, when the alleged murderer Alberto HR, alias “El Gringo”, shot him in the head.

Barely alive Juan Pablo was taken to the O’Horán hospital, where he lost his life after several days in intensive care on December 27.

A family is in mourning in the middle of the holiday celebrations in Mérida, while the alleged murderer is being prosecuted for this terrible crime that shocked the Yucatecan society.

Source: Sipse