Carlos Ahumada warns AMLO: ‘I have information about government officials’

Carlos Ahumada asked López Obrador to leave him alone, after his extradition from Argentina was approved. (Photo: Especial Cuartoscuro)

Neither López Obrador nor Claudia Sheinbaum will approve my extradition because I have information about goviernment officials, said businessman Carlos Ahumada.

MEXICO, (December 24, 2021).- Carlos Ahumada affirmed Thursday, December 23rd, that he has information that “would not be liked” by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador about officials who are currently in his Government.

“I don’t want to talk about Thalía Lagunes, a current senior official of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit; I don’t want to talk about Reyna Basilio, Pemex’s current purchasing manager; I do not want to talk or give information about Horacio Duarte, director-general of customs and so I can continue ”, he commented in an interview with Grupo Fórmula.

The comments made by Ahumada emerged after an Argentine judge authorized his extradition to Mexico.

Carlos Ahumada Kurtz has an arrest warrant in Mexico for the crime of generic fraud.

The businessman asked the Mexican government on Thursday to let him live in peace. “May the thirst for revenge cease and (President) concentrate on solving the problems that Mexico has, especially the city. I have not committed any crime this year or last year, leave me alone”.

Regarding his extradition, Ahumada said that it does not matter how many legal cases “the authorities invent”, and affirmed that they are “false and lying” reports.

In addition, the businessman assured that he cannot be extradited.

“For no reason Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and especially in this case Claudia Sheinbaum, are they going to be able to take me to Mexico,” he said in the interview with the media.

Ahumada accused that he has been persecuted by both officials.

Source: El Financiero

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