As of this week, booster dose in 24 municipalities of Yucatan.

Although we have returned to economic reactivation, the Covid pandemic is not over. That is why vaccination is so important.

(MÉRIDA, Yucatan – SSY) Starting this Monday 27th, and until the 29th, personnel from the Secretariat of Health of Yucatan (SSY) will apply booster doses against Covid in older adults in 24 municipalities.

This phase will be carried out in Motul, Tekax, Hunucmá, Peto, Chemax, Tixkokob, Halachó, Muna, Acanceh, Yaxcabá, Tzucacab, Dzidzantún, Buctzotz, Dzilam González, Cacalchén, Hoctún, Baca, Homún, Cansahcab, Abalá, Hocabá, Celestún, Panabá, Akil.

According to the program, the application of the AstraZeneca doses in these 24 districts will be carried out as follows:

-From December 27 to 29, begins in Motul, Tekax, Hunucmá, Peto, Chemax and Tixkokob.
-From December 27 to 28, it will take place in the towns of Halachó, Muna, and Acanceh.
-On Tuesday, December 28, the vaccine will be applied exclusively in Yaxcabá, Tzucacab, Cacalchén, Hoctún, and Baca.

-From December 28 to 29, the process will take place in Dzidzantún, Buctzotz and Dzilam González.
-Finally, on Wednesday, December 29, it will conclude in Homún, Cansahcab, Abalá, Hocabá, Celestún, Panabá, Akil.

Vaccination sites
The booster application for older adults will be carried out in vaccination modules run by the SSY, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), and IMSS Bienestar.

In the case of Motul, it will be at the Hospital Center; in Hunucmá, the same will be done at the module set up at the Casa de la Cultura, and in Peto, at the Domo de la Sarabía.

In the towns of Tekax, Yaxcabá, and Tzucacab, it will be in the municipal domes; in Chemax, in the facilities of the municipal DIF, and in Acanceh, at the Boxing Gymnasium.

In Tixkokob, Halachó, Muna, Dzidzantún, Dzilam González, Cacalchén, Hoctún, Baca, Homún, Cansahcab, Abalá, Hocabá and Akil, at the IMSS Bienestar, and in Buctzotz, Celestún and Panabá, the SSY will be in charge of the modules.

It should be noted that the AstraZeneca will only be applied to seniors who have their two previous doses, who must present official identification and the booster voucher, which can be downloaded from the federal platform.

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