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AMLO and the Chocolate Factory

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AMLO’s sons chocolate factory in the midst of the controversy.

President López Obrador accused Proceso magazine and journalist Carmen Aristegui ” for posting a false publication, without grounds, just seeking to attack his sons and their chocolate shop.

MEXICO, (December 01, 2021).- On Monday, November 29th, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared that the coverage by Proceso and Aristegui Noticias of a report called “Sowing Life and the Chocolate Factory” that states the flagship program of the Government “Sembrando Vida” has momentum particularly in Tabasco and it would somehow benefit the “Rocío” chocolate factory, owned by Lopez Obrador’s sons.

In his lecture early – morning on Monday in Oaxaca, Lopez Obrador charged against Proceso and journalist Carmen Aristegui ” calling them liars. AMLO says the investigation by Aristegui is what he called “a deceiving publication without grounds to sustain what it denounces”, and he said this had nothing to do with his so-called “Fourth Transformation“.

“Proceso and Carmen Aristegui have never been in favor of our movement and they say that because they are independent. And I maintain that if they are independent but independent of the people, who have never been involved, have never done journalism in favor of the people, ” Lopez Obrador.

The “Rocío” chocolate factory

José Ramón, Andrés Manuel and Gonzalo Alfonso López Beltrán, sons of President López Obrador, have a clear objective: to conquer the most demanding palates and earn a space in the hearts of lovers of fine chocolates, as they clearly mention on their website.

Last year the eldest sons of the President inaugurated their first physical store of “Rocío Chocolates”, a family business “dedicated to the transformation of cocoa in a traditional way” and named in honor of their mother, who died in 2003.

Located in a small place on República de Guatemala street, in the Center of Mexico City, inside the “Círculo Mexicano” hotel and behind the Metropolitan Cathedral, the chocolate shop exhibits 60%, 70%, and 85% chocolates. concentration of cocoa.

With colorful pictures on the wall, they tell of the cocoa production process. 

(Photo: Berenice Fregoso / EL UNIVERSAL)

The chocolates are not cheap. Until September 2020, boxes with five bars cost 800 pesos (40 USD); the Nibs, which is a box with 320 small pieces; and the loose bars, 160 pesos.

Cacao is planted on the “El Rocío” farm, owned by the López Beltrán brothers located in Teapa, Tabasco municipality. As they refer, there they take care of their plants with a “one hundred percent organic” management that has made them creditors for several consecutive years to the USDA Organic certificates, EU Ecological Certificate, and Organic Certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sagarpa). 

Of the clients consulted by EL UNIVERSAL, no one knows who the owners of the chocolate shop are and the employee only dedicates herself to serving “normal clients”. 

According to the manager of the store, a great success have been the popsicles covered with chocolate, which are accompanied by a topping that can be grated coconut, granola and amaranth. 

(Photo: Berenice Fregoso / EL UNIVERSAL)

“It tastes like 4T,” said a young woman who tried the cocoa nibs that are also offered at the site, while another consumer noted that the chocolates “taste good”. 

The three López Beltrán presume to be one of the few manufacturers in the world of the “Tree to bar” family of chocolates (from the tree to the bar), a manufacturing process from its origin on the farm to the final product in the city. 

“In this process no intermediaries involved, do not buy cocoa, cocoa butter and cocoa mass, our chocolate is made with a lot of dedication from the tree to the bar,” say the sons of President Lopez Obrador. 

“Rocío is the love of a mother who is no longer physically but is present in our moral and professional training. For our plants is that rain tenuous, though not noticed, helps growth and fruitful including a quality cocoa and unique. In our chocolate, means the possibility of adding in a very discreet, a moment of happiness and energy that gives great satisfaction in every bar, “you can read on the website.

Carmen Aristegui and Proceso magazine have never done journalism in favor of the people: AMLO

After processing and portal Aristegui News published the report “Sowing Life and the Chocolate Factory” which states that the flagship program of the Government has momentum particularly in Tabasco and benefit the children of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his factory chocolates “Rocío”, the head of the Executive said the magazine published by Carmen Aristegui and “not true.” 

In their morning conference Monday in Santa Lucia El Camino, Oaxaca, Lopez Obrador declared that the magazine and the journalist “made a liar publication without grounds to seek soil ourselves” as well as the dissociated himself from the Fourth Transformation. 

“Proceso and Carmen Aristegui have never been in favor of our movement and they say that because they are independent. And I maintain that they are independent, but independent of the people, that they have never been involved, they have never done journalism in favor of the people, ” said López Obrador.

“We have no identification, there are no sympathies. Carmen Aristegui, because she writes in Reforma and because she belongs to the group that supports the conservative bloc. Then just clarify it because we are no longer in the times of simulation (…).

“People thought that Carmen Aristegui was an avant-garde journalist. I kept quiet, but in the same movement as ours, out of respect. But she was a kind of champion of freedom and I have another opinion because when we were in the opposition, she interviewed me once every six months and tried to challenge me as a good conservative journalist, ” he added.

By accusing that they published against him when he was in the opposition, President López Obrador indicated that Proceso magazine has not supported his movement, even when its founder, Julio Scherer , was alive .  

My sons never accepted a loan in the past administration: AMLO

The President clarified that the land with their children is 52 hectares and was an inheritance from his grandfather, dad Rocio Beltran, former wife of Lopez Obrador. He added that in the last six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto they were offered credits “but they never accepted.” 

Lopez Obrador said his son Andrés López Beltrán consulted because before he left the interview, “I sent a questionnaire to the answer and gave the deadline one day at such an hour and if no answer could already say in the report that They were consulted but did not respond to clarify. ” 

The report by Proceso and Aristegui points out that “the flagship program of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador government to generate employment in the countryside and fight deforestation has a particular boost in his native state of Tabasco. There, cocoa has acquired preponderance thanks to Hugo Chávez Ayala , a businessman who would benefit from the products that are harvested in the government plan ”.

In this regard, President López Obrador pointed out that Sembrando Vida came out of his head.  

“The other, imagine, that the Sembrando Vida Program is being promoted, in the case of Tabasco, so that cocoa is produced and then the chocolate factory has raw material. They are not measured! “, Said the President. 

Source: El Universal

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