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After a year and a half, Merida’s “Parques Hundidos” remain underwater

by Yucatan Times
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Almost a year and a half after the passage of tropical storms “Cristóbal”, “Gamma” and hurricane “Delta”, these recreation sites in Mérida continue without activity.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 10, 2021).- It has been at least 16 months since most of the Parques Hundidos of Mérida continue underwater and do not have the possibility of drying up and recovering in the short term, since the water table is still saturated, and although the seasonal rains have passed, those that continue to fall will accumulate in the subsoil.

The Aquapark, the Parque Hundido of San José Tecoh, and the Poniente Ecological Park are the clearest example of what has happened in these months, since the heavy rains of early June 2020.

The design of each of these sites allowed it to be adapted so that visitors could carry out actions of coexistence with nature, some aquatic activities, and even running taking advantage of the trails, but after the heavy rains of 2020 everything changed and only the high points or that were found at the level of the public highway, are available to walk, rest, socialize or jog.

The Parque Hundido del Poniente used to be a site where a series of events were held by the Merida City Council, people went out to exercise, skate, to spend time with family, but most areas of this site continue underwater and many species of fish and birds have adopted it as their home.

In the Vergel Aquapark, the water level flooded the fields. (Photo: Sipse)

Although the water level has dropped a bit, only some people still go to exercise, it is not the same amount that was before the accumulation of water in 2020, according to people who maintain the place; few children visit the playground; Groups of young people are the ones who are going to spend some time with their friends.

The upper area is the one that can be used, the lower part is the one that is kept with water and the accesses are delimited with fences, but some young people get too close to the area, which represents a danger for them.

The passage of tropical storms “Cristóbal”, “Gamma” and hurricane “Delta” caused havoc in the Poniente Ecological Park, which became a water source, as well as those located in the Brisas and San José Tecoh subdivisions; The one in the Vergel subdivision used to have concentrated water, but now everything is under it, including the fields.

In the Ecological, in the back, there was a little water with a few fish, but since these phenomena hit the entity in 2020, the water covered the entire lower part, so now you can see fauna in that area; there are several ducks, which now already have young that can be observed swimming along this stagnant water.

(Photo: Sipse)

There are fish of various sizes, many of them serve as food for the birds, which now visit this site more often because they find safe food there; Furthermore, a significant number of ‘iguanas’ have also taken over the area, as well as in the trees, where various colored and sized birds perch.

In the Vergel subdivision, people are using this wash to deposit their garbage, so you can see bottles, bags, plates, pet, and plastic glasses, despite the fact that green leaves and yellow and white flowers have already grown in the water. They offer a beautiful landscape, except for the rubbish they throw up.

Exercise machines are tapered off so they won’t be used; there are several fish and iguanas; people do not go to this site, they are very few, said one of the caretakers of the place.

In San José Tecoh it is observed that the water level has dropped a bit, but even so, it continues to be a danger for the inhabitants of the area, since children or anyone could fall into the accumulated water since there is nothing to delimit hazardous areas.

Source: Sipse

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