As mobility restrictions were lifted, people regained the confidence of road travel. Photo: (Sipse)

If you are going to travel in ADO keep in mind that the demand for tickets will increase

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (December 16, 2021).- If you plan to  travel in the Yucatán ADO , keep in mind that next weekend the number of passengers is expected to increase received by the terminal due to the start of the holiday period. 

Although Covid is still a threat, the transfer of 130 thousand passengers is expected for this holiday season, 30 percent more compared to last year, reported the commercial manager, Angélica Marroquí. 

“Many people take advantage of traveling to meet with their family for the December dates, in the holidays that begin next Friday is when we wait for the arrival of more passengers to go to various points in the center and south of the country,” he said. 

Demand for trips to Mexico City

He pointed out that the main destinations in which demand is increasing are those of the beach, such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, but also Villahermosa, Puebla, as well as Mexico City.

He added that this last point begins to be in demand since the beginning of the month for the celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe. 

“Now we see that citizens are going to go on a trip compared to 2020, that due to the pandemic the scenario was different. We expect a 30 percent increase, ” he said. 

He recalled that last year, December was a quiet month even though it traditionally is not, but he considers that it was due to the fact that the vaccine was not available for all ages, compared to this year.

Source: Sipse

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