Another “summer-flavored” Christmas is expected in Yucatán. The presence of anticyclonic systems prevent the arrival of cold fronts to the area.

MERIDA, Yucatán, (December 17, 2021).- During the days 24 and 25 Decembertemperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are expected, and in some areas, the thermometer will reach 35.

In this way, the Christmas streak continues “with the flavor of summer”, since 2013, said the meteorologist from the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Uady), Juan Vázquez Montalvo.

“This is due to the presence of anticyclonic systems that prevent the arrival of cold fronts in the area. Long-term models have a high margin of error, but as the days go by, the trend that it will be a Christmas with a hot afternoon and fresh at night and at dawn, ”he reiterated.

On those days the presence of fog banks is also expected in some areas of Mérida and the state, so caution must be exercised, mainly in the mornings.

“Most of the long-term models indicate that Christmas Eve will have a summer flavor: in the daytime, a hot atmosphere is expected and at the end of the night and in the early morning, cool weather will predominate. The presence of some drizzles and rains in the afternoon is also expected ”, he reported.

As for temperatures, maximums of 32 to 35 degrees are expected for Mérida and the interior of the State, and 30 to 32 on the coast, with partly cloudy skies during the day.

The minimums are calculated from 20 to 22, and for the state capital and some areas, between 18 and 20; in the former henequen zone, the central belt of cenotes and the southern part would be 15 to 17 degrees Celsius. 

Source: Sipse