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40 inmates expected to be released after approval of the Amnesty Law in Quintana Roo

by Yucatan Times
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Criminal lawyers in Quintana Roo, ask for the correct application of the Amnesty Law and facilitate the processes for the release of inmates who remain in prisons of the entity

QUINTANA ROO, (December 18, 2021).- Although the Amnesty Law was implemented a year and eight months ago in the country, only 45 inmates from four states have been released through this mechanism, so Quintana Roo will have a great challenge after its implementation was approved on December 14th, 2021.

According to data published by the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), of 48 files proceeding through this law, only 45 achieved their qualified freedom, while 524 folders were declared inadmissible for not meeting the requirements established regarding the type of crime by which the accused is being tried.

Faced with this situation, criminal lawyers from Quintana Roo asked that the State Criminal Justice System be able to facilitate the freedom of at least 40 inmates, including indigenous people, women who had abortions, and senior citizens who were imprisoned for ingesting drugs for diseases and that are illegal in the country.

Armando Rueda, a lawyer for the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, considered that after the approval of the Amnesty Law, the State must identify the files that meet these conditions and that the State itself provide them with free legal advice.

“We have identified at least 40 inmates who could apply this Amnesty Law, which is the percentage of those who have been released in almost two years, throughout the country, so the judicial system must work and stop doing simulations”, the lawyer said in an interview.

For his part, Ezequiel Vázquez, a Tulum lawyer, considered that this Law could benefit inmates as long as it is applied correctly and some articles are amended, otherwise, there will be few able to be released through this means.

Finally, Mauricio Estrada, from Chetumal, said that in the first instance this law has favored the state; however, with the criminal proceedings mentioned above, it is likely that many people, who could have benefited from this initiative, will lose hope of being released.

“It must be taken into account that it is a process, that has requirements, for the moment 15 percent of the inmates may be benefited, but from there they will be discarded, especially if the penal system has no interest in applying the laws ”, he concluded.

At the time, the lawyer and feminist Ariadne Canto pointed out that the Amnesty Law in Quintana Roo “is a great advance in human rights, because it is giving a new opportunity to people who are unjustly detained” and that it would benefit around the 15 percent of the prison population.

However, those inmates who repeated crimes will not be able to appeal this law, according to the National Survey of the Population Deprived of Liberty (ENPOL 2021). Around 531 of the 3,300 inmates in the prisons of Quintana Roo are in this situation, as they were previously sentenced.

Source: Yucatan a la mano

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